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A Great Selection of Food Machines

Alpine Vending Co Ltd has spent 20 years building its reputation as a first class vending operator in the North West. We go out of our way to provide exceptional customer service and our conscientious team will provide you the service you both demand and deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you, including purchasing or leasing food vending machines

Food Vending Machines: Services


Guaranteed Satisfaction

The Shopper 2 has been designed to meet the varying needs of a 24 hour refreshment service. Machines provide the largest selection of products that consumers demand, leading to higher sales volumes and increased operator profitability.

  • Shopper 2 is the first choice for around the clock fresh food, snack and cold drinks vending.

  • Nine levels, each with 127 mm tall vend doors, provide optimum product visibility, promoting sales Increased operator revenue/profit through widest selection of products available from one machine

  • Exclusive "Prefer Max" function automatically returns the drum to the view with most products for sale

  • Powered vend doors on all levels allow easy one handed operation LED lighting is durable and energy efficient whilst producing a brighter light

  • Five Zone partitioned drum provides excellent merchandising alternatives while the two way drum rotation speeds customer selection time

  • Individual selection pricing increases flexibility High efficiency refrigeration and improved airflow provides even temperature distribution to all levels - environmentally friendly and keeps products fresher for longer.

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