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The Benefits of Safe Vending

Please take a moment to watch the video above, the safety benefits of vending become immediately obvious. Purchasing an item from a vending machine can be a completely contactless event. Using a stylus pen to make your selection together with contactless payments makes vending the safest way to refresh your staff without creating a risk of spreading the virus through surface contact.

  • There is no need for human interaction when purchasing a drink or snack, machine surfaces and keypads are disinfected against viruses

  • Vending machine operators, fillers and technicians place food safety and hygiene as top priorities in their daily service, and are trained in both personal hygiene and protection against infections.

  • Touch screens can be used to remind consumers how to protect themselves from the virus and the importance of maintaining social distance in front of the machines

  • Single use cups are the most hygienic method of consuming a beverage on the go

  • Contactless payment with a card or phone is preferred by consumers because they don’t have to touch the card machine’s keypad

  • The products cannot be handled before being purchased unlike other retail environments such as supermarkets.

  • Please click on the red button below to learn about SafeTouch BioFilm for vending machines.

Covid Safe Vending: About the Company
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